Tiger Balm- A Project Write-Up by INDRIYA’s Co-founder and CTO, Jamie Raine

We did it. My wife Jany Min and I finally did a job for Tiger Balm. Being raised by an Indonesian mother, Tiger Balm was an essential in our household. I hate to lean into the stereotype of Tiger Balm and Asian mothers, but yes my mother (Ibu) really did try to cure all my illnesses with this magical, tingling paste.

Enough nostalgia, time for a project write-up!

Okay, this was the brief for the video from the client:

The target demographic was:

  • Older Cambodian Males and Female
  • Young Cambodian Males and Females

The products were:

  • Tiger Balm Ointment
  • Tiger Balm Plasters

My job was to co-write the script and message with my wife Jany.

To make an inclusive and relatable video for the two demographics, we decided to create the characters of old Jany and Jamie and young Jany and Jamie. These characters became our vehicle.

Another challenge was how to make it relatable, but also add our personal comedic touch, all while delivering product information? Well, the answer was simple, dance, be silly and add a voice-over with product information.

My main inspiration for the old Jany and Jamie was from
my times walking at Cambodia’s Independence Monument Park and watching all the aunties and uncles do their dance workouts. If you have been to the park at 6 pm, you will know what I am referring to, ahah!

Lastly, ratio formatting. Were we going to aim for computer screens or mobile phone screens? This is an important element to consider when in the editing process, as video’s ratios have different viewing behaviors. Knowing the target demographic was most likely to have accessibility to a mobile phone, we decided to make the video on portrait ratio, which is an optimized view for mobile phones.

Thank you if you made it this far into my write-up!

Kind Regards
Co-founder and CTO
Jamie Raine

You can watch the video we made here: https://fb.watch/8rsCApZg5O/

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